In honour of John Stott

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Earlier this week it was announced that John Stott, leading theologian, church leader and prolific writer had sadly passed away. It is impossible to pen words that even begin to authentically honour Stott and reflect the breadth and depth of his legacy.  He was marked by a deep passion for truth, personal humility and a godly character. Of course his commitment to seeing the church be 'Salt and Light' in society had a profound effect in shaping evangelical thinking. This conviction should be honoured when recalling his life and contribution. In urging the church to live up to its calling to be involved and engaged in God's world he is quoted as saying:

'You can't blame meat for going rotten. That's what meat does. You blame the salt for not being there to preserve it'

One of Stott's manifold legacies was the establishment of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, which aims to apply gospel truth to the 'real world', recognising that discipleship applies to every matter of life.  

To learn more about the life of this great man read the tribute paid by Mark Greene (Executive Director, LICC).

Of the many influential books penned by Stott, (perhaps the most influential in the public square) has been his work 'Issues Facing Christians Today'.  This has assisted many Christians grappling with social and political issues. May it continue to do so.



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