What's the Test all about?

We all know that the old political labels of 'right' and 'left' can be unhelpful. They are also looking increasingly outdated in a world where the Labour party promote 42-day detention without trial while the Conservatives try to brand themselves as champions of green politics. Christians often find it especially difficult to fit themselves into the old landscape of left and right. Jesus simultaneously urges his followers to be more righteous than the Right in their lifestyles yet more liberal than the Left in their generosity towards others.

This quiz is intended first and foremost as a bit of fun, but it does have a serious purpose behind it. We hope that it will help you realise that your faith has a lot to say about some of the most important political questions of our day. And maybe it will give you a fresh insight into your own political preferences, your potential, and maybe even your prejudices...

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So how does it work?

In trying to examine how our faith could and should influence our political life, we've gone back to the fundamentals. In Matthew chapter 22, Jesus is asked 'what is the greatest commandment of all?' His answer is that we should love God with everything that we've got, and love our neighbour as much as we love ourselves. These are things that all Christians can agree on; indeed, they start to define what it means to live a 'Christian life' in practise.

It is not possible to jump straight from these commands of Christ to a fully developed political philosophy, but we can and should form our political views in the light of them. For example, it is a universal biblical theme that God's people should take action to relieve the harmful effects of poverty on individuals and society. Whether this is best achieved by lowering taxes to support a release of generosity by individuals and charities, or raising them to ensure a basic level of state provision for all citizens, is a matter open for debate! The option of 'ignoring the cries of the poor', on the other hand, is not...

By asking you a series of questions, we can help you to position yourself on these two axes of political engagement. Some Christians believe that direct political action is a necessary response to the gospel message on a broad range of fronts. Others feel that is should be confined to certain areas, or is at best a poor substitute for the deeper work of transformation that needs to take place in individual hearts.

Interested? Why not give it a try!