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We have a great collection of research, reports, videos, books, podcasts and links to help you understand how your faith and politics match up. You can use the Search box in the top of the page to search by specific keywords, or explore the different categories to find what you need.

Some of the resources have 'SUSA' branding, reflecting this website's previous name. Susa was one of the capitals of the Persian empire. Some of the most important biblical examples of political engagement lived and worked in Susa: Daniel (a senior government minister), Nehemiah (a top civil servant), Esther (at the heart of the political and cultural elite), and Mordecai (literally a 'lobbyist'). They all understood the importance of prayer, working together, and remaining culturally relevant while avoiding personal compromise. We feel that Susa, with its complex, diverse, and pluralistic political culture, offers an excellent model for Christian political involvement in the 21st Century.